How To Back Up and Restore Your PT.Transact Classic Data

This article applies to PT.Transact Classic only. PT.Transact+ users do not need to perform data backups or restores as it is cloud-based.

It is recommended that you periodically back up your PT.Transact data to protect against accidental data loss. Backing up is also handy if you need to delete PT.Transact from your device for whatever reason and would like to keep a copy of your data to use again later.

This guide shows you how to use iTunes on your computer to back up PT.Transact and copy the backup to a safe location.

What You Need

Apart from your mobile device that has PT.Transact installed on it, you will need a computer with the latest version of Apple iTunes installed. You will also need the data cable to plug your device into your computer.

If you do don't have iTunes installed, you can download it for free from Apple here.

When you're ready to get started, plug your device into your computer and wait for it to appear in iTunes.

Backing Up Your Data

The following steps describe how to back up your data from PT.Transact onto your computer.

Step 1: Back Up in PT.Transact

Launch PT.Transact on your device.

Tap the Menu button on the top-left of the Dashboard screen, then tap Settings.

Scroll down the Settings screen and tap on the Backup/Restore button. This will take you to the Backup/Restore screen as shown below.

Tap the Backup Now button. PT.Transact will execute a backup and create a backup file for you. It will appear in the list with a name based on the date and time you created the backup.

Step 2: Copy The Backup File in iTunes

Ensure your device is plugged into your computer, and launch iTunes.

Select your device in iTunes, then navigate to Apps.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Apps screen to the File Sharing section.

In the File Sharing section, you'll see a list of all apps on your device that support file sharing.

Locate PT.Transact in that list and click on it. Your backup file (and any others you have created in the past) will appear in the PT.Transact Documents list to the right.

Select the backup file you'd like to copy and click the Save To... button near the bottom. The image below shows what this screen should look like. We've highlighted in red the relevant areas on the screen you should be looking at:


You'll be prompted with a screen asking you to select the location you'd like the backup file to be saved.

That's It!

That's all there is to it. Your PT.Transact data is now backed up.


Restoring Your Data

The following steps describe how to restore a previous backup back onto your device.

Step 1: Copy Your Backup File into iTunes

Launch iTunes and navigate to the same File Sharing screen as described above, and select PT.Transact in the list.

Tap on the Add... button near the bottom right. This will prompt you to select the backup file you wish to restore.

Select the file from the location you saved it to in the steps above. That file will appear in the PT.Transact Documents list.

Hint: the backup file you wish to restore may already be in the PT.Transact Documents list as a result of your previous backup. If this is the case, you can skip the above step and proceed directly to Step 2.

Step 2: Restore The Backup within PT.Transact

Launch PT.Transact on your device, then navigate to the Backup/Restore screen as described in the section above.

Locate the backup file in the list that you wish to restore and tap on it. PT.Transact will prompt you for confirmation. If you're sure you want to execute the restore, tap YES.

Your data will be restored from the selected backup file, and PT.Transact will display a message once it is completed. This process is generally very quick.

That's It!

Your backup is now restored.


Applies to: PT.Transact Classic. iPhone/iPad

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