How Do I Delete An Invoice in Classic PT.Transact?

This article applies to PT.Transact Classic only.

For auditing reasons and to ensure financial reporting balances, you cannot actually delete an invoice as such. Instead, PT.Transact Classic follows proper bookkeeping practices by using refunds and credits to reverse an erroneous invoice.

This article describes how to reverse an incorrectly entered invoice for a client.

Step 1: Refund any payments

If you have already made one or more payments against an invoice the first step is to refund those payments. Refunding payments ensures the invoice balance balances against the original sale total.

In the Invoices list for the client, tap on the invoice you are interested in, which will take you to the Transactions screen. This screen lists any actions taken against an invoice, including payments, refunds and credits.

To refund a payment, locate any Payment entries in this screen, and tap on them to bring up the Transaction Details screen. In this screen, you will see an option near the bottom of the screen to Refund this Payment.

Tap on this, which will prompt you for confirmation. Once confirmed, the payment will be refunded and the balance of the invoice will increase by the refunded amount.

Step 2: Credit the invoice balance

Once you have refunded all of the payments for the invoice, it's time to credit the balance. Crediting an invoice is a way of reducing its balance without taking a payment for it. Again in the Transactions screen for the invoice of interest, tap the Actions button at the top-right of the screen which will prompt you with a menu of options. Choose Credit Invoice. The Credit Invoice screen will slide in prompting you for the amount to credit. It defaults to the entire invoice balance, which is what you want.

Simply tap Done to complete the credit. This will reduce the balance of the invoice down to zero ($0.00).

Step 3: Adjust Sessions Remaining (optional)

The final step is to adjust the remaining (unused) sessions for the client. For example, you may have accidentally sold a 10 Session PT Pack to a client and wish to 'undo' this mistake. Steps 1 and 2 above will make the necessary adjustments to the financial status of the client, but we still have the problem of the 10 sessions that were added to the client's record.

This step describes how to remove those.

Navigate to the Invoice Details screen of the invoice in question by tapping the little 'i' button on the right of the desired invoice in the Invoices List.

Tap the Sessions Sold field to bring up the # of Sessions edit screen. Enter in zero (0) as the new # of sessions and tap Done. This will change the number of sessions associated with this invoice back down to zero, which will come off the client's Remaining total.

Tip: a future update to PT.Transact will be enhanced so this step is done automatically for you.


The invoice has now been completely reversed. You have undone any payments that had been made against the invoice and you've reduced the balance of the invoice to zero so it no longer shows up as being owed.


Applies to: PT.Transact Classic. iPhone/iPad

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