How To Add Your Bank Account Details To Invoices

This article applies to PT.Transact Classic only.

Do you offer direct bank transfer as a payment option to your clients? Would you like to be able to add your bank account details to the bottom of your invoices that are emailed to clients so they have a reference when making payments? If so, PT.Transact Classic has got you covered.

This short guide will show you how to use Bank Transfer as a payment option in PT.Transact Classic. The key is the Receipt Footer Text option.

Setting Up Your Invoices

In PT.Transact Classic, tap the Menu button at the top-left of the screen, then select Settings. In Settings, tap Invoice Settings, then Receipt Footer Text.

The Receipt Footer Text option allows you to have any custom text you desire appear at the bottom of invoices that you send to clients. Because this text appears on every invoice sent, it's best to limit it to generic text you want all clients to see. In this case, we're going to enter our bank account details.

In the text field for Receipt Footer Text, type in your bank account details. Text you enter in is applied to your invoices without any line-breaks. That is, if you were to enter in several lines of text while pressing the return key at the end of each line, the text will be placed in your invoices all as one long line. However, there's a neat little trick you can use to format your bank account details to appear a little nicer.

At the end of each line after which you'd like a new line to begin, type in the code "<br>" (without the quotes). The <br> tag is a HTML tag that means 'line break', and this tells PT.Transact to start a new line after it.

Here is how your bank details might look using this tag (note the "<br>" tags at the end of each line):

Hint: there's no need to put in the <br> tag on the last line, as we don't need to add a new line after that.

Here's what it looks like in your invoices:


Making Payments

One final tip. When recording that a client has made a payment against an invoice using bank transfer remember to select Bank Transfer as the Payment Method, as shown below:

This ensures payment transactions that are listed in Client Summary reports and invoices correctly show 'Bank Transfer' as the payment method.


Applies to: PT.Transact Classic. iPhone/iPad.

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