Is There An iPad Version of PT.Transact+?

Not at the moment, sorry. PT.Transact+ was specifically designed for use on the iPhone rather than on larger screen devices like the iPad. The reason for this is because the philosophy behind PT.Transact+ is that it is the quickest, most convenient and most efficient tool in your trainer's kit for taking payments, and selling and recording sessions from clients.

The nature of smaller devices like the iPhone are such that you tend to carry it with you everywhere you go, it is always available to you, and it conveniently sits in your pocket waiting until you need to quickly pull it out to check a client's details or make a payment. These tend to be be very quick, short-lived interactions that benefit from the small size of the iPhone.

To be sure, larger devices like the iPad are absolutely fantastic and certainly have their place in your kitbag, but their size means they're arguably less convenient than an iPhone and don't quite fit with the philosophical goals of PT.Transact+.

All that said, we're trainers ourselves and we're mindful of the needs of the modern trainer. We recognise that some trainers may only have iPads and not iPhones. We also know there are some excellent apps out there designed for client workout and program tracking that are designed for the iPad only, and some trainers would like to use these and PT.Transact+ together on the one device. Because of this, we are evaluating our options in this space to see what can be done to best accommodate iPad users. We'll have more information on this to share with you soon. In the meantime, be aware that currently PT.Transact+ does indeed work great on your iPad. Granted it's not optimised for the iPad screen size, but it works great (and we've had some feedback from customers saying they actually like using it on the iPad because everything is 'bigger' onscreen, making it even quicker to use when on the gym floor).

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