Can I Sync My PT.Transact Classic Data Between Two Devices (such as an iPhone and an iPad)?

PT.Transact Classic is currently designed to be run on a single device and your data cannot be synced or shared between multiple devices.

However, you can copy your data between devices manually by doing a backup and restore. Please note however that this technique means you should only be using one device at a time. This is because if you enter data in one device, then go and enter data in a second device, the backup/restore process means that you can only keep data in one of those devices, and the other will be overwritten.

We've written an article that describes how to do a backup and restore to copy your data to another device here.

If you reside in Australia, New Zealand or the US, then we have a product that has been designed as as a cloud-based system that allows for fully automated and seamless syncing of your data between all your devices. Called PT.Transact+, this product is a kind of 'bigger brother' to PT.Transact Classic and has many Internet-enabled features.

You can find out more about PT.Transact+ by visiting our web site here.

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