How To Disable PT.Transact Classic's Passcode Lock When You're Locked Out

This article applies to PT.Transact Classic only.

Under Apple's new iOS 9 release, there is a compatibility bug which prevents you from being able to access PT.Transact Classic if you previously had your PT.Transact Passcode Lock feature turned on in the app.

When launching the app under iOS 9, you're presented with the screen to enter your 4-digit passcode, but after you enter it, you see nothing but a blank, black screen and you cannot access anything.

This article describes how to work around this problem and turn off the Passcode Lock feature. This workaround is valid until an update to PT.Transact Classic is released which will fix this problem.

What You Will Need

This workaround involves performing a full backup and restore of your device via iTunes. Therefore, you will need access to your computer with the latest version of iTunes installed.

Before You Begin

This process involves performing a backup of your device via iTunes, then performing a restore. It is important you follow these steps in the order described for this process to work.

Here We Go:

Step 1:

Plug your device into your computer running iTunes.

In iTunes, select your device (1), then navigate to Summary (2), as shown below:

Then click Back Up Now (3) to back your device up to iTunes. 

If you're prompted to 'transfer purchases', we strongly recommend you do. It is much easier for you if the PT.Transact app is copied to your computer by the 'transfer purchases' process prior to backing up.

Important: it's important to wait until the backup process has completed in full before proceeding. 

Step 2:

Delete the PT.Transact app from your device.

Step 3:

With your device still plugged into your computer, restore your device's data by clicking Restore Backup... as shown below (3).

You may be prompted to select a backup to restore. Be sure to select the one you just did, which should have the most recent date and time on it.

Step 4:

Once your device is back up and running after the restore, check your device to see if the PT.Transact app has re-appeared. If it has, you can proceed to Step 5.

If it hasn't reappeared, re-download the PT.Transact app from the App Store.

Step 5:

You should now be able to access PT.Transact. Launch the app and you should see the Dashboard screen.

Now we need to turn off the Passcode Lock feature.

Tap Menu->Settings. Scroll down and tap Passcode Lock to turn it off. You will need to enter your original 4-digit PIN to do so.

You're all done.

We recommend keeping Passcode Lock turned off until an update to PT.Transact is released which fixes the iOS 9 compatibility issue.



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