How To Create a Report on a Client's Session History

PT.Transact is a payments app designed specifically for personal trainers. One of the many things that sets it apart from 'traditional' payments apps is the way it manages the relationship between the sessions you sell to clients and the sessions those clients perform with you. Quite simply, you use PT.Transact to sell sessions, and you also use it to record when those sessions are used by your clients so you know when it's time to sell them some more.

So how can you see a list of the sessions a client has performed with you? How do you generate a report showing the date and time of each session, the total number of sessions performed and (optionally) show any notes regarding the sessions you may have entered at the time?

This short guide shows you how to use PT.Transact+'s Summary Report feature to generate such a list.

Once created, you can print the report, or you can email it to either yourself or your client.

Generating a Summary Report

On the Home screen of PT.Transact+, tap Statistics to access the Your Business Summary screen.

Your Business Summary presents you with a number of stats and figures relating to the sales and payments you've made in PT.Transact. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen to the Actions section, then tap on Summary Report.

In the Summary screen that comes up, you're presented with a number of options that determine how your summary report is generated.

For the purposes of generating a report that focuses on the sessions performed by a specific client, you should choose the following options:

  • Date From/To: This defaults to showing the last three months, but you can change the date range to whatever you require.
  • Type: Change this to "Sessions Only".
  • Include All Clients: Turn this option OFF, which will allow you to select a specific client.
  • Client: Select the client for whom you want to generate the report.

Once done, tap Next to proceed.

The summary report will be generated and displayed on screen, similar to the following:


Sending the report to your client 

Once generated, you can either print the report or email it. Simply tap the 'export' button at the top-right of the screen to show the menu of output options.

If you have an Apple AirPrint-compatible printer, you can choose Print via AirPrint to print the report out.

If you want to email the report (which is usually the most convenient), then choose Send via Email. If you go this route, you'll be asked whether you want to email the report to yourself or to your client.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or need assistance with PT.Transact+ summary reports or any other related topics, you can contact our friendly support team from within PT.Transact+ itself.

Simply tap Menu from the main screen, then tap Settings->Send Us Feedback.


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